Abbas is a tool of bankers too

who in their right mind would say at this time in history that he will not recognize the state of Israel?  Hey, fuckhead, open your eyes and look at it, it’s not a fantasy, it is there and it will be there for a long time after you are dead.  Arafat died with 30 billion dollars in a french account that belongs to the Palestinian people, and you say you agree with him?  You are a tool of the CIA then!  You want to keep that war and that suffering of tiny innocents going, and you are wrong to do so.  It is all your fault and the fault of those men like you who love war more than G-d Almighty!  Take your grubby and impotent old prick and just fucking die already!  Get someone with some conscience and motivation in there, a woman for example…a grandmother.  If she starts blabbing about killing, then kick her out and find another one.  There has to be one woman there who is as sane as me!  Let’s make this shit work!  Let’s pool our efforts and feed the hungry and grow food and harvest water…believe me, the next war will be about water, not oil.  Let’s get on top of what is coming together, and make peace, and democracy and not oligarchies!! FUCK!!