Hamas always bombs and kills Israeli civilians just before peace talks begin:


  Hamas does not want peace, and neither does Netanyahu.  It’s as if they are both working for the same thing–endless war and an excuse to use their US made weapons out on each other’s constituents.  Isn’t it time that the same old male war loving horseshit was completely dismantled on each side, and replaced with a more mature way of thinking—women’s way?! We who can actually see the world as a place for families to live and work, instead of a never ending battle for territories will one day be in charge of everything, if we want to continue to live on this planet.
 Elect me as President of the USA and Prime Minister of Israel-(a two-fer) I will make peace within one year, I know how…I will simply replace each and every man in any kind of power with a woman who is not a religious slave, and who knows that everything is really just a labor issue, and nothing else.