for mystics:

The New Year—this is the twenty four hour period where meditators can reprogram their R N A, by emptying out all their unconscious acts and deeds committed against the greater good during the past year, and refill the mind’s memory banks with life affirming philosophies and visions.  If you have been harmed or traumatized in your past and you want to step out of the bonds of mental slavery and see a new vista of personal hope and freedom from emotional pain, then click on the meditations to the right of this blog (in red) and “build a vessel” –a “pipe” out of your spinal column, starting at the crown of your head, down through the “energy pipe” and out your lower chakra’s openings, into the earth, where it will be transformed into base.

Draw down perfection, love, truth, justice, common good for every living thing, and fill up with it.  Let go of ego, separatism, vows to patriarchal genital fixation, vows to war and strife, vows to money and the worship of death.  Take in these words, and breathe breathe breathe.  Breath aligned with correct thought brings correct programming and leads to correct action which leads to peace, and courage.  Peace and courage are the exact same things.