I couldn’t be more thrilled that Para Sailin’ is going down like a turtle caught in an oil slick that (her hubby’s company) BP caused.   She loves groveling at those Christian men’s feet, too.  “Look at me, daddy, I’m a good girl.  I would never have an abortion, because God is a man just like you are and we women must do as men tell us to do, especially since men talk for God almighty, as ONLY men can do.  Tee Hee!  I’m a brainless twat for God and British Petroleum.  The only threat I pose is to those whom big christian daddy doesn’t like–negroes and uppity women who think they can abort their down syndrome babies, and their teenage daughter’s unwanted pregnancies.  I’m a feminist.”  (suck dick suck dick suck dick).  “Israel needs to bomb Iran too, right big daddy?”  (suck dick suck dick suck dick).  “Bill O’Reilly wants to use a loofah on me, he likes me, and so does Rupert Murdoch, and that deviant Glenn Beck.  I got it made now!  If only Reagan would re-incarnate then I could blow him too, and God would love me even more!”  (suck suck suck suck suck) YOU BETCHA!