What a vile and hideous country:

I have reached the point, after reading today’s news where I can really no longer support in any way anything having to do with Israel or its apologists.  I know that this means I will most likely never work in US media again.  I have tried to navigate my way through attempting to be a person of moral courage and a performer in the US.  I have come to the realization that there is just no way to  remain mute on the subject of the horrid oppression by Israel of its neighbors and workers and have any conscience at all. Everyone in Hollywood must remain mute on this subject if they want to have their work seen by the public.  You will never hear even one other so called “outspoken celebrity” say one word about fascist Israel, nor its genocidal gluttony.  I can’t blame american jews for fearing the backlash of the most powerful elements of the Jewish community.  It’s a true devil’s bargain.  Israel is not good for the Jews, or any other group of humanity.