i have five hives now!  bees are the highest form of intelligent life on this planet, in my opinion.  A worker bee has more brains in its ass than mel gibson and all of his friends and family, religion, lawyers, publicists will ever have.  Honey is God!  We went to the Hawaiian Palace.  the queens in all the paintings all look like me.  The palace was built two years after the church was.  The palace stands in the shadow of the church.  the hawaiian royal family was forced into compliance with the sugar companies—I grew up with U and H sugar.  The richest hawaiian queen left all of her money to build schools for her people.  She is my Moral Idol!  I want to design fabric now, and build a house out of mac nut shells.  the little lamb died.  I decided not to try to save it.  It’s leg was indented in its hip.  I said, leave her out here another night.  I am an old lady farmer, exactly as I planned to be in my late fifties, when still a child, if I lived that long before the nazis got control of jerusalem.  

  I promised Hashem that I would not allow that to happen in my lifetime, whether I won or not, because I knew it was the right thing to do as a Jew.  I knew what the Nazis had truly done to the jewish people, and why they studied us.  I knew that we were magic.  I always have known.  We are magic because we make up the world’s best stories. The Five Books of Moses are a masterpiece unparalleld in the history of mankind in my opinion.  The five books of moses, the magician, the prince, the revolutionary..(.just like Buddha) are all stories with female protaganists.