What is Patriarchy?

It is the total state of war.  We all need to find some peace in our lives.  It is possible to find peace of mind in an insane world. 

Cheney is passing out of this world right now.  We all die our way out of here.  I hope that the people who knew him will miss him.  I hope he did what he thought was right for the United States of America, his country, and not what worked for private international interests.  he was the first vice president to do what he did.  I hope he at one time agonized over the lives of people who were going to die as a result of his decision to enter Iraq.  Did he think about the lives of the american people that were going to be lost, or the number of injured and jobless and homeless here.  I wonder how he would answer these questions?  Does he now think it was worth it or not?  Was it Mission Accomplished or not?  Did this benefit America or not?  I hope his soul will rest in peace, but that is not up to me, but to God Himself.