i have been as nuts as mel g.

I have tried to kill my husbands too, and said terrible terrible things to them and to others every chance I got.  I never used the n word in front of any n words,(joke) and I threw ten times the little sissy snit fit that Miss Mel Gibson threw.  She was becoming more and more of a little girl in ballet tights and pink panties stamping her foot and telling her daddy No, the whole time ! LOL

 I think Mel is DID.  That is why he is afraid of me, maybe.  He always runs the other way when we move in small circles, but is always staring at me across the room.  Mel, you are gay hon, and it is ok!  God still loves you, and understands what happened to you as a child to frighten you enough to make you split your consciousness due to shock and awe and trauma.  Get some help Mel, do not go as far as Robert Blake or OJ or Shatner did.  Do not kill your partner!  You can control your pain and your rages, hon, just do what I tell you to do here on the meditation page I wrote for you and others who cannot control their tempers and act out into rage and violence.  

as for oksana, I reiterate what I have said here many times:  Women do not make good mothers.  Who would stay with a man who hits their baby?