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torah for today:
I came to hollywood as a lightworker, and any who have read my first book know this about me. I chose as a child to break the evil spell of hollywood upon the minds and souls of women. Hollywood is where all Misogynistic mind control is manufactured, in order to spread the dis-ease of Patriarchy (worship of the Horny-god Satan).
yes John, you saw it right honey, but—you did not see the big picture, as you were only a man, and men cannot ever see the big picture, limited as they are by their own lack of empathy for women.
I am the only person on earth writing about the gyno-cide/witchburnings that are going on all over this planet right now. Not one man in power cares. Goldman Sachs took bets on how many starving children would die if water was removed from them, and they got a pay off if they were right. O daughters of Zion! weep for the world. Organs are harvested in war, by big farma. Oh my god i feel so much grief to hear of the level of evil capitalism has sunk to, and there is no need for that at all! Capitalism is the essence of freedom, it’s a tool to create wealth and well being. It must be applied by rational thinkers, and not by deviants! When applied by grandmothers, who serve in my cabinet, we can make all deserts bloom as the rose, and have peace. Jews, we must do it, and we can, so let’s!!— contact me if you are one of the 36 richest people on earth who no longer want to give your soul to satan, but choose instead to serve Oneness, Justice and Mercy, the tree of Life. (will anyone answer me? I still search the heavens for signs).
read my story: seeking contact, here.
Hollywood churns out the message: Patriarchy.
Satan’s goal is to kill Female Intelligence, including the web of life/earth’s atmosphere—Satan/Patriarchy can never stop killing. It has killed the entire world and so is now turning on itself.
The prophecies of the Mothers are being fulfilled now, Patriarchy is Dying. The spell was cast some six thousand years ago in the vow taken by those women, whom, at mt. sinai refused to remove their nose rings to be fired into a representation of the god Horus. “No” they said, “We are done will all Gods now. We have been given an alphabet and now we can control the elements themselves!” How happy the twelve tribes were when the women realized that they could all be exactly like Cleopatra, Isis.
They took a vow to return in the Age of Aquarius to help mankind cross over into becoming womankind. There are no men left now. They have destroyed themselves, by destroying the healers, and therefore the earth and all living things above below and in it. At this darkest hour, NOW, where everything is dying and getting ready to cook up into flames of civil war and brother against brother neighbor against neighbor, and dire poverty is coming to the United States, I have left some powerful meditation info here for those of you who might now be thinking of killing yourselves.
I say to you, that if there is a good reason for you to kill yourself, such as you have killed or had sex with a child, or sold one, then do it now, thank you. If however you are a child who was raped or sold or saw a member of your family murdered, and you have given up on the idea of a sane and Just God, please read my story of how I found the new god who is the old god, the one god, the mighty god. Jah Ho Ba (She that is Now). Search my writing here on R N A, the blueprint of God, and also search Goddess here…the meditations are all based on those practiced in Temple One and Two, under the Priestesses of David. (search house of david, tribe of david here too). {for kaballists only}.
My book has been moved to january, so buy one with your gift certificate to borders or barnes and noble, and other book sellers. I hope to do my first reading at the tattered cover in denver colo.