again I write of my idea for a three state solution

cut the vatican in and there will be world peace! jerusalem is to be a city of international brotherhood! Bring on the Three state solution! the city is holy to three not two nations! The Christians must have part of Jerusalem too, or there will never be Peace!
Jerusalem of gold
Jerusalem of bronze
my heart will sing a song of glory,
Jerusalem! Here we will turn silver into gold!
the adepts the righteous the children of David
which means manifesting a new foundation
a foundation of brotherhood
of Justice and Mercy
Israel must allow East Jerusalem to be part of Israel! Make the choice to Democracy!
I will make peace with palestinian grandmothers and jewish grandmothers. this signed peace will surpass all the peace process that men attempt and never arrive at. Woman will make peace with woman now. Sarah and Hagar will reunite for the sake of Jerusalem. I know this and I am ready to go anywhere to meet with a palestinian woman who is as powerful as i am in heart and soul and mind. Already have I met so many decent and compassionate and loving Palestinian women. Please choose one or more to meet with and speak to me. How can we speak to each other in peace? I know someone has better solutions than me out there, but maybe they really don’t–my solution is to agree that we all will share Jerusalem, no matter what else happens, and to keep it alive, and not destroyed by war!! We will simply share it! We will share it for the sake of the Most High.
grandmothers can cause peace simply by joining in a small circle of at least two focusing on a world of peace. We must have one grandmother from each of the world’s tribes come together for this! I promise to do this this year!