Before The Shoah:

I have my grandfather’s prayer book from the late 1800’s. There is no mention of Zionism or even of God in it, just the desire for an end to social injustice.
This was the Conservative prayer book that was read by Jewish fathers five times per day before the (largely Jewish) German Industrialists brought Hitler to Power in Germany, in order to destroy the Socialist Worker’s Party and its ideals that were at the heart of Judaica. The Socialist World is the Messianic World, but the rich Jews could not bear the idea of sharing their money with the poor Jews.
The Rich German Jews were the original NEO CONS, Bankers, they stood by as their own people were rounded up and deported and ultimately murdered, and they are the same people who now advise Israeli policy.
They would prefer there be no more socialist Jews left alive in the world.
Kibbutzes are always the first line of defense. The army protects the bankers instead in Israel, and the diamond merchants and the construction companies that work for Haliburton. The Light burns.