rightwingers are lemmings

that shit where they eat time and time again. Their own sacred texts tell them to listen to no men, only the God within, but yet they listen only to men, and know nothing of the God within. None of them meditate at all, and that is how you can tell if they are sincere or not. No one who doesn’t start within themselves is a seriously spiritual person. Robots have been programmed to continue the slaughter and rape of the innocent. The easiest way to program a robot, is to first lay the groundwork by talking about God as a male, and then shock and trauma and awe are inflicted, creating horror. While in shock, or horror, the fear of God is introduced. The fear of God is the fear of not being perfect in every way. That way the problem is always and forever made personal, instead of political. Patriarchy is the anti christ. When brutalized children pray for God to stop their suffering, and nothing happens, which is what happens almost 100% of the time a suffering person ‘prays’, a lesson is driven home—You are not lovable to God, despite all the preaching about His Love. This causes a breach in the soul, and opens one to bi-polar depression. Religions do that to children for a purpose which is: To create a robot/slave.
Divine Matriarchy is Christ/Buddha/Goddess
Meditation helps to heal the fragmentation of the mind that comes from experiencing horror and fear. If you do not know how to re-design your own program, then you are a robot.
Even robots can reach a place of silence in their minds, but only if they are courageous, and most are cowards. Robots can reach free mind space by meditation. Ironically, the Presence of God is available to you only in this state of mind. It’s fantastic…it is the High of the Bi-polar duality. In the Manic state, books are written, and paintings are created, music and beat and poetry are accessible in the state of mind called, “APPROACHING THE THRONE” (kabbalistic meditation from ba’al shem tov).