crazy horse:

I carried your medicine bag to where I spoke and saw that it was just across from the jackson statue…I addressed my remarks to pres. jackson with CRAZY HORSE’s memory. I said I declare you impotent and obsolete, and your ways undone. I am going to make my first act as President (yes, I accept already, and don’t need an election to declare myself leader of the poor women and children, and all good men), the new Immigration Law for America. All non-Sioux and Native People have the right to expel their Occupiers! NO MORE LEGAL IMMIGRATION, until all real americans are fed clothed housed have access to medical care, education and jobs and roads! NO more illegal occupation of Indian and Native Territories by Europeans Saudis Chinese Whites, or others! Return to the countries of your origin!!
Soylent Green is People!! Expel all Foreign Occupiers!
thanks jim cortez for the inspiration, and the medicine bag, and the rose.
The rose cannot live without the holy honeybees! I am on a crusade to save the elemental world! Free the Honeybees and the monkees the cows and all the Crazy Bitches!!! The zohar says in this time of aquarius, only the words of the crazy woman and the drunkard are to be believed—I am both.