I am a Jew, a capitalist and a socialist!:

Goldman Sachs uses the Jewish people as collateral damage to steal money. Jewish Bankers set up the working jewish classes to take the brunt of the rage and violence they leave behind in the wake of their plunder. It’s class warfare within a tribe/ethnicity.
All Jewish Bankers need to be immediately ex-communicated from the Jewish Body Politic. Let the world watch as their Jewish victims deal with them and the misery they cause not only the entire world, but their own families!
After the Jewish Bankers plunder an economy, they move away, leaving the Jewish people to face the anti-semitic rage that is meant for Bankers!
Greenspan go to hell, Bernanke suck it. All of you need to go to the guillotines and will when I am President. White collar crime that destroys communities will become the worst offense, punishable by beheading.
As I have said before, we jews need to stop being at the mercy of the worst elements within our people. Let’s liberate the Jews from Goniffs, Warmongers and Sociopaths!
We Jews can fix the entire world and I know how!