i know one million jewish women who write checks. I have come up with the solution for middle eastern peace. all of the american jews who love israel must give up their homes in america and move to palestine. the palestinians move into the homes vacated by those jews in beverly hills and laurel canyon and what have you… the problem is merely one of real estate. If the pals want to stay in palestine in peace, then the american jews must pay each of them one hundred thousand dollars per year per family not to shoot at jews in israel. This is roughly the cost for a beverly hills gardener and part time maid for one year…
THE ONLY HITCH IN THE WHOLE IDEA THAT COULD SINK THE HOPES FOR WORLD PEACE, ARE THAT the jews must use some of their OWN MONEY!!! (yes I know its shocking and hurtful to imagine that it has come to this,…but it is a solution that will work.) when jews share their money with palestinians to create jobs and schools and hospitals they will put the pal right back into palestinian and they will love the Righteous Jewish People!
if there are some palestinians who oppose the palestinians getting paid one hundred times more than they make now, then they must be politely asked to leave the area and move on to holier territories, such as mecca, where the righteous muslims go. there you have it for passover!
at passover those who are mystics (atheists who think deeply) enter fifteen levels of consciousness under the story of slavery.
slavery exists because jews dont share their money with other jews. this is what jesus (shimon bar yochai) wrote in the zohar.
(what is a jew you ask? I have sufficiently answered that question in my new book, out in the fall, “Roseannarchy now!, a primer for smart readers.”