i want to apologize to all those whom I have hurt or offended this year, deserving or not!

but as a girl who grew up as a jewmormon, I just want to say this to the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LADDER DAY SAINTS: Hon, you need to change your ways and stop persecuting the gays. Many of you at the top are gay yourself or indeed have gay children. stop bullshitting us! this is what god wants me to tell you: all gays in the priesthood of the church must immediately be forgiven in christian love and charity, and instead of making laws that shame people into being put into uncomfortable silence, just feel free to ask each other out on dates and marry if you fall madly in love. please change your stinkin thinkin on this one hon! I pray this is the name of jesus christ and of joseph smith, and all the prophets since. amen!
ps..love ya hon!