i have trouble recognizing reality

from fantasy sometimes. This has gotten me into so much trouble at times in my life. I am a story teller. Yes I have done terrible things to people and caused them terrible pain. Sometimes on purpose, when i had slid into black madness with no bottom. suicidal as it gets. Why have I not ended this charade? because the world is my responsiblity as I have always known since a child. i can change the rules until they make sense. the only sense they can make now is that the god of this world is not a just god. he has no power to end suffering. we are meant to suffer until we decide to end suffering ourselves, without the help of god. it will only take two thousand of us to jumpstart the golden age…unity in intent and prayer, ONE MIND. join me in prayer mother’s day dc “million bitches march” as I read THE TAXPAYER’S MANIFESTO!!!