israel is like Mike Tyson crying that Pee Wee Herman

might beat him up. Poor Israel, it only has the world’s fourth largest military and 33 cents of every american tax payer’s dollar! How can they defend themselves against all those kids throwing rocks at their tanks? The white phosphorous they sprayed on schools and neighborhoods is what Hashem wants them to do to protect themselves! Wahhhh! It is jews who will put an end to this terrible miscarriage of justice and crimes against humanity done in our names!
The right wing zionists are the most dangerous people on earth. they will stop at nothing to silence the truth in the world. They control what is said in the US media about them. AIPAC is a farce to cover up genocide. What about democracy, Israel, is that for everyone on earth but you?
SAY NO TO SETTLEMENTS IN EAST JERUSALEM…that means another generation of war, thank God Hillary Clinton (at Obama’s behest) has said NO!