my answer to the question:

the only advice there is from me is this:
create something.
Like a lot of people maybe you are really just talking. talk is cheap. Where is the play you wrote? Is it on paper or just in your head? Have you completed anything? have you ever actually acted in anything or been in a play?
dreams are excuses most of the time.
that is why I say, stop talking and take action.
if you want to be a director, direct something…have you ever done that?
The sad thing is that many many people think its easy to become successful whatever that really means–just by believing in themselves.
Talent is the real deal, and either you have it or you don’t. Believing in yourself does not make you talented. Talent is like obsession.
honestly, if you are not spending hours each day writing or creating content of some kind, then you probably never will actualize your dreams.
Dreams are a way not to face the reality of life most times.
People ask me all the time for advice and I say, my advice is to accept reality–the odds are that you will never be famous, or successful in show business.
Unless you have the talent and the drive and the actual script or film in your hand, you should stop fantasizing and get real about yourself. Also, just because you do have that doesn’t mean anyone is going to like it or that its good. If it is good, and you have something that you can be proud of, then that is where your quest only begins. Alot of good writers who wrote good books never got anyone to read their works. They died penniless, and some of them were great.
It’s a fluke that I got famous, and I did not do it by “believing” in myself. I made people laugh for one hour, every show I did, in clubs for free for four years. My husband and I went bankrupt in the process, but because of my sisters and my mom, who also helped me and bill, I was just in the right place at the right time with the right idea and ready to go. It doesn’t happen that way for most. Try to make your real life good most of all. Don’t bullshit yourself or other people either.
Most of all, stop talking and start taking action. hope that helps.