I was raised in SLC Utah

I started to attend the Mormon church (though I was also an Orthodox Jew on my mother’s side) at age three years of age, with my mother. I attended Primary, and Mutual every day of my life until I got hit by a car, and had my head impaled on the car’s hood ornament, at age sixteen. At one time I sat and discussed the book of mormon, doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price with Mormon Bishops and Elders almost every week of my life. I am not an ignorant outsider, Mormons, so stop saying that I am. I know what I am talking about in every way.
The Mormon people are ok people, like everybody else, but they are so controlled by the men in their church, you can’t believe it. When I stopped “believing” in the church, and stopped attending, everyone in the community stopped even speaking to me. They shun people who think for themselves, like chickens who peck a spotted chick to death. They liked me because i would say that I was born a Jew, but “now have learned that the Mormon church is the real Jewish religion.” I was of use to them, and so I was ‘loved’.