i grew up in slc among mormons

by the time my little brother was nine years old, he had his nose broken six times by gangs of mormon boys who called him a fag and beat him up. The Mormon church encourages violence and abuse against boys who seem “effeminate.” (Of course they also encourage violence and mistreatment against all their women, not just the gay ones, if they choose to do anything but have tons of kids and “serve” their husbands).
Mormon women are the number one abusers of prescription drugs in the US. No wonder their girls have the highest incidence of out of wedlock pregnancies, and they have the highest percentage of incest and sexual abuse of children in the the country too. They are not just anti gay marriage, they are anti human diversity.
They believe that there are NO black people in the highest level of Heaven, and no unmarried women either.
During the seventies, at BYU, the Mormons came up with a “cure” for homosexuality. They attached electrodes to the genitals of young adult gays, and then showed them gay porn, and shocked their genitals. These guys get tax credits for the things they do.
The ironic thing is that alot of closet cases within the church are the most virulently anti gay people of all!