glenn beck believes (and so do all mormons)

that there are NO black people in the highest degree of heaven. The blacks are servants of the polygamist white men after they die. There are no unmarried women in Mormon Heaven either, or any gays.
Palin wants the forced emigration of jewish people all over the world to Israel, where all the jewish people there will again live behind self imposed ghetto walls, as in Venice Italy, the world’s first Jewish ghetto.
The Armageddon that Palin prays for and helps to bring will end in a fiery apocolypse. The jews will be given a choice to accept Jesus Christ or die, once and for all.
Some of us will choose to convert to their doctrine, and when most of us, our kids, our parents, our cousins are burned alive and dead, HE (their view of Jesus, the Jew hater) will triumphantly return and help the Christians kill all the Muslims.
This is what both Beck and Palin believe, and so do all evangelicals and so do all mormons.
All Jews believe that Christianity is evil and misguided Judaism, and all Christians believe that Judaism is an arrogant blood cult, and they both believe that Islam is a violent backward relgion, and all of them are right about each other. Time for all of these outdated bronze age belief systems to be outlawed by rational people.