to the jews:

there is a problem that needs to be fixed. let’s fix it! Let’s fix it, we know how! We can move numbers like mountains. Let’s move some numbers so that the needs of people are served, and we can get a pay out on that. come on you jew bankers!!! Come on you mormon bankers who know how to move numbers as well as open distribution channels, come on rome, you catholics can leave your chambers/coffins and help us out a little too! Let’s fix all the world’s problems, let’s simply ask that everyone spay and neuter their children upon birth, and come up with a new system that works for everyone! or are you all just idiots?
it is now time for all men to move aside for all women, starting with me, little man. Shut your fucking know nothing mouth and move aside, before grammaw stuffs her boot up your ass! I got me a rifle now too, thank God!!