americans are scarey

they have little or no idea about what is done with their tax money, and do not care to know. So much like the Germans were. There is no problem on this earth that cannot be solved by the implementation of a system of barter to replace a system of unsustainable capitalism! Why people would turn their heads as the entire biosphere is being killed off, is so lemming like it drives me nuts. Nothing will wake up the american middle class to reality. They are a new kind of people, addicted to bullshit and drugs, praying to foreign conquering gods who do not even have the balls to exist outside of the mind controlled space in their heads. Madness descends with no drug to treat it. this is 2010, two years before World Wide Armageddon (capitalist depopulization) and one thousand years of Satanic Rule. 666
Do you want to stop this? the answer is in red at the right of this blog…begin to meditate, to build a vessel that can contain truth, that knows what truth is and what it looks and sounds like! The vessel is your mind. THE HOLY GRAIL!!!