The people in our government

who say they believe in Jesus Christ: You must get rid of the fed, and save the united states of america, who’s people you have sworn to defend. shut down wall street ponzi schemers! The people are becoming impoverished! This you must not accept! This is your country! You need to stay in it, not abandon it!!! We want our money back!
ten million fed up bitches march, april first dc. right left, middle, black white brown red yellow, and purple, fat old young thin, rollin on wheels or being carried. This is the time for American women to stand in front of the men who have enriched themselves like pimps on our labor, and say: We see where you are going with all this spreading democracy around the world while getting rid of it at home bullshit, but we are not going to wear the veil,nor the garment here in america, ever!
We are not willing to be treated as second class citizens, while our children die at war in far away lands! We want to understand what is being done in our names. If it is necessary, then we will support it, but endless empire building we will not support! This is America and we want Peace Homes and Schools. we will learn to need less. we are yogis now. we grow the food we eat. we learn to eat what is there, and how to harvest water. we watch the skies for signs.