Sarah Palin, Satanist

Everything that comes out of her mouth is from the heritage foundation, america’s premiere jew-hating organization that masquerades as christian. these ghouls are re-writing the New Testament, changing the words of jesus christ and making him sound more business and military friendly. anti-christs pervert the word of christ. the heritage foundation needs to be read about and talked about by people all over the political spectrum, because this group is the thinktank behind the christian zionist right. They, as Palin agrees, want the death of every Jew in Israel, as that is what brings the messiah in their twisted and perverted biblical view. This is the only reason they give money to aipac!!!
Jewish people seem to think that is ironic and irrelevant, but it is actually anti-semitic. The right wing in this country is based on the idea of ghettoizing jews in israel and allowing them to be attacked by Iran and russia and china, when putcsh comes to shove.