i cannot wait for the return of arnold swartzennegger

to action movies. He hangs around all those guys for real, the arms merchants and the bankers, those who own Hollywood. He did a great job for them by helping to re-elect Bush in ’04. He and Jay Leno were driving it home for the big chinned folks’ team! They were the California winners, the perfect conduits for connecting show business commerce and politics, a veritable tri-vergetation of the Dark God’s Power.
I knew then that Jerry Brown could actually make a comeback and that I am so glad to think that he might. I love Jerry Brown. He is a true man of vision and integrity, there is none like unto him. Jerry Brown could become the new president of america!! Jerry Brown is Green! i support jerry brown for governor too—he can fix what shwartzenegger the bush friendly governor did to the schools here.