A Big Talent That You Can Discover

A couple of years back, we walked into The Hilton on The Big Island and were really knocked out. A super-cool, mesmerizing woman was onstage, singing up a storm, and filling the place with the most soulful, sophisticated sounds this side of ANYWHERE. I mean, we’ve been around and both know from singers. With just a single musician for support and accompaniment (a very competent keyboardist), Azure McCall was taking people on a smooth but exhilarating cruise through one genre after another: Jazz standards, Blues, great Pop hits, things with a Latin flavor, a fun saloon song or two and a couple of classy enchanted numbers that defied labels – they just became “Azure songs,” right on the spot.
People were dancing, having drinks, digging a great little scene that reminded us of why it’s worth it to turn off the tube and the laptop, forget all the technology and canned entertainment, and go out and have a drink and soak up some real, live talent.
You can check out Azure on YouTube, but please know it’s nothing like experiencing her live. If you know agents, management people or anyone who books classy, live entertainment – get in touch with us, here, and we’ll hook them up with the incredible Azure. We’ll be seeing her, again, in Hawaii, soon, but she could be entertaining and impressing lucky people all over the place. Remember the name: Azure McCall.