now i see the concise and brilliant strategy of our greatest president since roosevelt:
i was wrong about Obama, and want to say that here. I hope he continues to contain the right wing menace that has destroyed the working people of this country. These bastards dismantled a great socialist government that worked for its citizens and replaced it with Insurance Salesmen, Thieves, and Sexually Deviant Predators.
Targeting Insurance companies is the real american revolution. Ponzi Schemers must be removed from society. I pray that the next thing he does is rescind the mormon church’s tax exempt status, since they are a pro- Insurance Company PAC and in control of all aspects of dissemination of news on radio. Clear Channel is Mormon owned, and it seeks to destroy freedom in this country and replace it with more monopolies that the Mormon Church owns. The Mormon Church is the greatest threat to democracy that exists in this country today. They, like a Communist Government have centralized leadership that controls every aspect of their followers lives, especially of the lives of their women members. They seek commerce and money over anything else, and “invented” the american ponzi scheme models, amway and “life” insurance.
Obama’s ridicule of and containment of Cheney, the real face of Power in the Western US (mormon backed) makes my heart sing!!! Glenn Beck, another Mormon invention, like Cheney is, is just another skinhead seeking racial holy war.