join me for my ten million bitches march!

we will march to the heart of the beast, washington dc, where we, republican and democrat together and independents and aliens and what have you, pissed off bitches all come together to tell these bankers and insurance ponzi scheming bastards that they better get ready to spell out the exact things they are going to do with the money we got held up and robbed for! let’s see the ruling class be held accountable for their crimes for once!
Are they going to be investing any of it in the infrastructure of THE USA, or are they going to leave every other big city looking like detroit? Baghdad looks better than detroit and new orleans in some parts still, to this day!
These fascists are robbing the women and children of this country blind and getting away with it. that stripper chick sarah palin thinks she is roguing it up? Well, wait till all the fat pissed off bitches show up for my speech at my forty million mad and fed up bitches march!!! Wait til we demand something for our money! You don’t steal from a woman and her kids and then call her trash, motherfuckers!!! The march will be held on thanksgiving day in honor of the nice indians that were the first people on this continent to get ripped off by bankers and psychopaths ponzi scheming assholes that want something for nothing! Predators to the GIULLOTINE!!!