harry reid is a mormon

and mormons like himself and Beck oppose a public option because the mormon church has VAST HOLDINGS in insurance companies, and instructs its members on how to vote to make sure that its money pile is never to be touched. The same insurance companies also do not want to cover the children of gay unions. That is mostly why the church also opposes gay marriage!
Reid is an active member of a huge insurance owning conglomerate/PAC that pays NO TAXES, because like scientology, it presents as a church.
Mormons believe that American Indians are wicked and inferior, and that the United States will soon allow plural marriage, after the church saves it from ‘socialistic’ take over (code for race war). Ironically, Brigham Young practiced socialism when he founded the state of Utah, and the church still offers its members the best welfare system in the USA.
Extremist wimps like Reid need never to be elected if we want democracy in this country. No active agent for any church or religion should be allowed in politics, and that includes Leiberman(aipac) and other religio-corporatists. These people split up the taxpayers’ money, and pay it to groups that oppose the united states of america’s democratic principles.