americans, know this:

there are no republicans or democrats, it is all just good cop/bad cop and people like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter are making money on blaming “the other guy”, and so are Obama and Pelosi. The politics of racism and separatism are highly profitable, and those who employ those tactics are getting richer and richer, and don’t give a damn if our country is destroyed in the process, as long as they get theirs.
Both parties are to blame for robbing the taxpayers, and they will continue to do so as long as they can continue to divide us against each other into parties that keep them and all the crooked thieves like them in the kitchen where they have free access to the national cookie jar.
This is the time for action from citizens who actually do the real work that grows food and puts it on our tables, and not those who sit around dreaming up more lies and bullshit to cover for criminals and warmongers, and making blood money for doing so.
This is the time for righteous women to lead the world out of sickness and division and into rational self interest. It is being done all over the world right now.