meditation 2 am calif. time tonight

this is the big one. Our opportunity to move from silence into action. When we collectively grasp the idea that ignoring the suffering of others increases our own, our evolution will take a giant step forward. rational self interest is the new god.
I will be repenting for my addiction to outrage, which is what fuels people like glenn beck and limbaugh. Fat outraged americans who are drug addicted or “sober” from drugs are the spokesmen of this generation’s liars and thieves. I will simply detatch further from the war machine, and from caring about it, or being outraged by it. I will continue to let it fall, and be free of it. I will increase the time and space for creative free thought instead.
I will keep evolving the idea of Utopia inside my mind, and taking significant steps towards it in the world. I will strike with concise word thought and deed as the Light of Reason increases around me, and the darkness of superstition recedes.
I will reconcile holy and profane by recognizing that the suffering of others is my own, which I am equipped to lessen, if not aleviate. This is Now, a new beginning in my cells and in Everything. at-ONE-ment. baruch hashem.