is under attack right now and part of it is karmic. They were very very wrong to back Barack Obama instead of the Green Party and Cynthia Mckinney, who was the soul of the entire organization of Acorn for a long long time. She is a true progressive, and Obama is not, and never has been. Acorn chose to get into bed with democrats, instead of the Greens. This was a bad mistake, and one which I protested, as a member of Acorn.
Acorn had a chance to make real change in this country, and blew it as it seems every progressive org does as soon as it is given the chance. Instead, it played into the racist hands of washington, and wall street, and traded its soul for naked power.
The video of the laughing and trivializing black women at acorn who are advising a white prostitute on how to defraud the government is the most racist thing that the republicans could have dug up, in fact I will bet it is cia made and fraudulent, it is so perfect in its race baiting. The disgusting and embarrassing video is the perfect thing that the professional race baiters, like Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh can use to take the focus off the billions and billions of taxdollars that Cheney (a real “welfare cheater” who makes the acorn advisers look like little angels) looted from the American People. It is so par for the course that this would emerge as the noose begins to tighten around Cheney and his morally bankrupt party now. As repubs always do whenever they are in danger of being exposed as the traitors thieves perverts and insurance selling hucksters that they are, they bring out the long knives of race and class warfare against the people at the bottom of the economic ladder who do not have the means or the power to defend themselves. The video is so willie horton, it frightens me.
Acorn played the wrong hand, and is losing now for a while. It is seriously time to change the power at the top and reconnect with The Green Party and Cynthia Mckinney. Acorn will not last as a democratic arm, because the democrats will sell their own children and grandmothers down the goldman sachs drain before giving up on pilfering the tax money they are pocketing.