i am sick of being misunderstood!

Hitler thought he was being really manly “cleaning Germany up” by burning people in ovens. I was making fun of him, not his victims.
My characature of him very aptly imitates the “man with a godly mission” pose that he struck in all the early photographs taken of him. I portray him being very proud of his burnt cookies, because in his last words, he was proudly congratulating himself for killing so many jews, and encouraged the german people to carry on his mission against the “International Jew.”
The guy actually thought that killing jews was a good thing! The language that he used is still being used by many world leaders to this day.
He killed my whole family, it is true, but he is also dead,and I,a Jewish woman am still alive to make fun of him, and I will continue to make fun of the little runt for the rest of my life!
He, and his ideas need to be laughed at even more these days, picked apart and analyzed up and down, as there are more and more people denying his crimes, and more and more despots trying to copy them.