for those who wonder about me as hitler in heeb:

Heeb is a humor magazine for young hip jewish people, and I was asked to be in the “germany” issue. I always thought Hitler had some extreme self loathing about not being “male enough”, and i thought it was funny to show him in housewife drag. After all, the german housefraus loved the guy and did whatever he told them to do. They were falling all over themselves, screaming in the streets as if he were a rockstar, pressing their children to him for a kiss, as he exiled them back into the kitchen and out of the professions, and blamed everything on “liberals”.
Hitler served the german industrialists who put him in power, as if he were their little housefrau. When they thought they could turn a buck by cooking and gassing their minority groups, he helped set up their lines of federal credit to do so.
I thought that Hitler in drag making jew cookies was a very accurate way of depicting the whole German Gestalt. Also, I hate Hitler, because he thought that artists should be censored. I also hate everyone else who thinks that way.