zohar, book for women to re-program sons:

The Shabbat candles were given to the wives of the Holy people to light, and the friends have given a reason for that. They explained that when Chavah extinguished the candle of the world BY CAUSING ADAM TO EAT OF THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, she BROUGHT DEATH AND darkness to the world. THUS, BY LIGHTING THE SHABBAT CANDLES, WOMEN CORRECT THAT WHICH CHAVAH, THE FIRST WOMAN, DID, and this is good. Nevertheless, a deeper interpretation is that the Tabernacle of Peace THAT SHINES ON SHABBAT is the Mother of the world, and the souls, which are Supernal candles, reside within her. Thus, a mother, OR A WOMAN, should light the candles. By doing so, she stands in the stead OF THE SUPERNAL MOTHER OF CHILDREN, THE TABERNACLE OF PEACE. BECAUSE she does so, THE UPPER MOTHER OF CHILDREN BESTOWS HOLY SOULS UPON HER CHILDREN, WHICH IS THE SECRET OF THE SUPERNAL SPIRITUAL CANDLES.