god is the mind's synthesis

some of us are healing from satanic abuse, and that means: people who believe in satan act out satanic things, whether they want to or not and whether they know they are doing it or not.
satanists are sociopaths and have no souls
they are all download
they have no unenslaved thoughts
they know not even one scientific fact
but talk all day about superstitious myths
their split-mind is instinct trying to devour
that is all they do and nothing else.
they are patriarchal program.
all brain stem lowdown
the ability to understand scientific process
happens higher in the brain
the ability to undo programming
happens at the crown
opening the crown to synthesis
is called
“ascending the throne”
it is a meditation.
programmed people cannot
if you can meditate
be sure to follow a deep meditation
by reading about astrophysics
or mathematics.
there is a way out of slavery
it is a brain synthesis
of color light and sound