i like sarah palin in spite of herself!

she is for all the right things, but she is also for going about getting them in the wrong way, in the unchristian way. I really do believe that there is a christlike way of doing things. It must be based on sharing and on democratic principles. that is who christ was and still is to his followers…’the way’. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai–is half of the ‘christ’ story, and he wrote down every page of torah and it’s spiritual memory, it’s core in volumes of “the zohar”. he tells us about female energy and about the age of aquarius, which is right now. he tells us of female waters and how the shekkinah will return to us and transform us as she is doing now.
hashem is my peace. my love of torah comes from my genetic memory of the house of david. solomon and sheba david and bathseva, this energy of africa and of egypt taken to jerusalem to replicate cleopatra’s (ISIS’) temple.