i had a dream that i should offer

to adopt michael jackson’s three children in order to get them away from that monster Joe Jackson, and his enabling silent wife. These are jewish children! their mother is a jew and therefore they are as well.
Joe Jackson is anti-semitic like nobody’s business and everyone in hollywood knows that about him and knows what he did to Michael and all his other kids. I cannot stand by without doing something to stop child abusers/pedophiles. I will adopt paris prince michael 1 and prince michael 2 because they are jewish children and I am a jewish grandmother. Prince Michael 2 may not have a jewish mother, but he is jewish by virtue of having jewish siblings.
I have a large and wonderful family, and we are bi racial and bi cultural and get along great. We can absorb and can afford three more kids, especially jewish ones, who we know alot about. I do not want any of their money, but would oversee that they would be taken care of, never photographed or exploited in any way, and their money saved safely for them to get as adults.
( I will use a Muslim, not jewish Lawyer too, to make sure that the children are true to their Muslim roots—I know that Michael became a Muslim in the last few years of his life, and that he chose to have jewish children. I too am a daughter of abraham, and understand Michaels’ International Mindset)
I want nothing from them or the jackson family. I wish the jackson family well, and hope they all get the help they need to recover from sadness and abuse. I want to adopt those kids. this is my public statement and I mean every word of it.
july 5, 2009