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To All the Wonderful Women here ,
24 hrs ago Dr Abramson said I had a “Excellent Response” to treatment as he compared my before and after bone marrow counts … last yrs was 80% leukemia cancer in bone marrow today they could not find any as in 0% … I have been dealing Chronic Lymphoma Leukemia since 2002 this death sentence only ‘curable’ by bone marrow trance plant … I want to thank you all for your well wishes and the like over the years .
Especially Roseanne thank you for putting up with my off the wall writings … Writing help take mind off of facing death daily in my bones for 7 yrs … and you are correct There is a Blue flame violet flame and pink flame and they all are kindled in each heart and kept alive with faith in possibilities … today I started my second life by asking for internship as vegan chief at – love you all – where meditation and
“Diet is the Difference” or “diet is the CURE” but no drug $ in prevention.
Love peace then Joy Peter …
PS could use some good e-mail references at CHI