god is math

math is god
Prayer for those who want to join my prayer circle: read out loud right after sundown friday night:
In the name of the Presence of God, which I am, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I command:
Michael the Archangel and his sword of blue flame to go forth and cut all ties and bonds between dis-ease and humankind. Call forth the violet flame to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of the group or individual karma that created and brought this dis-ease into the physical. Call the violet flame to transmute all negative energies on the physical mental or emotional, or any other level. As the violet flame is cleansing and re-qualifying all negative energies around humankind and the area, place your attention back on the elementals. Send the violet flame through the dis-ease and see the elementals’ mis-qualified energies being transmuted back into divine love. See and command them to neutralize themselves into total harmlessness. Visualize the dis-ease disappearing from that area and the people. Call the I AM presence of every diseased individual in this area to allow it to be released through the violet flame and for their I AM presence to replace those old thought forms with divine inspiration.
I now call forth the pink flame of love to blaze through the area. humans and elementals. I call on all colors to be sent to give humankind the exact ray or rays they need to put themselves in balance.
We call Michael the Archangel to come forth and cut all ties and bonds between these people and any person place or thing on the earth or astral plane that they have manipulated or misused. See all ties now being severed-setting all free.
so it is said
so it is done