kaballah teaches the goddess (R N A )

will rise in the age of aquarius. she will be revealed. her concealment will cease. i see it everywhere, as new elements are added to the periodic table!
New, superheavy element to enter periodic table:
BERLIN (Reuters) – A new, superheavy chemical element numbered 112 will soon be officially included in the periodic table, German researchers said.
A team in the southwest German city of Darmstadt first produced 112 in 1996 by firing charged zinc atoms through a 120-meter-long particle accelerator to hit a lead target.
“The new element is approximately 277 times heavier than hydrogen, making it the heaviest element in the periodic table,” the scientists at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research said in a statement late on Wednesday.
The zinc and lead nuclei were fused to form the nucleus of the new element, also known as Ununbium, Latin for 112.
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), confirmed the discovery of 112 by the team led by Sigurd Hofmann at the Helmholtz Center. IUPAC has asked for an official name for the element to be submitted.
John Jost, executive director of IUPAC in North Carolina, told Reuters that creating new elements helped researchers to understand how nuclear power plants and atomic bombs function.
The atomic number 112 refers to the sum of the atomic numbers of zinc, which has 30, and lead, which has 82. Atomic numbers denote how many protons are found in the atom’s nucleus.
Scientists at the Helmholtz Center have discovered six chemical elements, numbered 107-112, since 1981. The remaining five elements have already been recognized and named.
In 1925, scientists discovered the last naturally occurring element on the periodic table. Since then researchers have sought to create new, heavier elements.
Proving the existence of atoms with such a high mass, the so-called superheavy elements, is a complex procedure because they exist for only tiny fractions of a second and then decay radioactively into other elements.
this means: i know with certainty that 113 is here already, and it is the power of the combined human mind(s). We are birthing the green goddess right now. she has willed it to happen in this exact time. She told us (600,000 thousand women who stood at the foot of sinai, after having already left slavery by simply wandering stateless for forty years in moving refugee camps).
When those women put their minds together, they were able to split the red sea, and cross over through dry land to the other side of slavery, where the human mind was for one minute (one continuous minute of applied physics)—applied to mutate the species. the species entered into a place that we again approach now. We decided that we must get rid of evil people in our community. That we ourselves must do it. We heard the voice of god tell us that the earth was going to swallow people whole, that their negativity itself doomed them to be without the hand of god to lead them. One third of them would die because the other two thirds of them allowed it to happen. One third of them thought that they were the other kind of “jew” and the other third of them profited from the destruction of the lower economic third of their own people. these are evil people and they exist not just in the jewish novel called “the old testament”, but in every other story on earth in which the sky god is worshipped and the greenmotherearth attacked, and destroyed by “him”. they have set our minds against each other instead of allowing us to save our neighbor and to love him. this is the time for the mother of jesus to speak to the dna on this planet and this is what she will say (I will say it for her)…”you guys are fucking idiots! You don’t destroy your own environment! Even rats know better! You are a failed evolution, and now you are dying. This is the death card being dealt you, but I, one of the original minds (600,000) who got the message handed down from sinai. this is the law: the will of the people, united, is GOD.
you are god and you are beast, but the beast has fallen away now of its own evil weight. only good will remain standing, and it will remain standing here on this earth for the unified will of 36 righteous people. twelve tribes times three is thirty six. the elements now live for a fraction of a second. we are birthing heaven itself on planet earth. holy holy holy. i feel it.
the shaming of the horrible people who are right wingers is america’s judgement day. we will be judged by our leaders. Obama, use bush’s laws to force single payer health care. You prevented Hillary from doing it, so now do it yourself. You wanted the job now do it! god is with obama to move him to save his people. you have the will of the people behind you now president of the people obama!!! you had better do it now. when will we ever again get this chance. single payer health care, the real issue of this last election. that is the only thing this government is really about—the rich being able to vampire off the very last drop of money before the sick and the widows and the orphans could get a dime of it.
babylon is falling.
money and the sick system of usury that controls our world has hit the proverbial end of the ponzi scheme. Iranian women have been dealt a blow by patriarchy. there is no out for the women under the weight of a ponzi scheme named the patriarchal shell game. 100,000, 000 million women were tortured and murdered by patriarchy in the last ten years, worldwide. angelina jolie needs to speak up for the mothers who’s children she adopts. so does madonna, so does everyone who cares for humanity at all.
but no one will, because nobody in power circles anywhere on this earth cares about poor women. but i do. I will write about it. it needs to be said and so i am saying it. i am saying it because i am from the house and the tribe of david and i was programmed to say it and so i will say that which needs to be said: poor women, poor mothers, I pray every day all day long for you and I pray with many other grandmothers for you.
we are all the same woman.
most of us will not survive…
there must be a sex-strike and all children spayed and neutered upon birth. women must no longer be allowed to breed ungoverned. the un must fund a painless method of sterilization that occurs on the eighth day of a child’s life, or the eighth year. no more children are to be born until after the holocaust that is coming here. no more tortured souls for vampires to feed on. NO. i say NO. i am the combined will of every woman ever born. she is us.