no fucking way dude? Who would have guessed it… show business itself is gay? next you will tell me that ryan seacrest and simon are gay too! oh my god, you are crazy telling me that adam is gay. I have friends who had sex with adam! they are all girls and size queens, and said that adam was as straight as the old red white and blue! now i suppose you are going to tell me that the whole army and the gov. are gay too, and that men worshipping a male god is really really as gay as it gets? is this what you are telling me? that adam is gay? I don’t think so…i think maybe you are gay yourself and that is why you are saying adam is gay…LOL no, i know you are not gay, calm down, hey, its so gay to get upset about whether you are gay or not…come on calm down dude!
MY POINT: WHO GIVES A SHIT IF ANYONE IS GAY OR NOT? america in the meantime is being destroyed and robbed blind by the guys behind the curtain…OZ. i am the wicked witch of oz.