that the entire system of worldwide bullshit is based on will soon implode, crumble and pass away.
I believe that one person can be the tipping point, and I am proud to say I have lived my life that way. I put gay characters on television, which was a fight that almost caused me to walk off my show, and I showed working class mothers as smart and capable people, though they were undereducated, and fat. My characters were based on real people that I grew up with. I said “I am and Jew and I do not support the government of Israel” in public and on the pages of the New York Times, and I am thrilled to see others following me in that sentiment from Jews for Peace in LA, who are my friends to Rabbis on Pulpits all over this country. Of course there are still those jews who call me a traitor and a self hater for not blindly supporting the Israeli Government’s Illegal Occupation of Palestinian Lands. But Now a Tipping Point seems to have been reached that will likely change this country’s policies in the middle east, and tip them toward peace. So, Mazel Tov on that!!
I live my life according to beliefs I have which I hold holy. Those beliefs are my own deeply meaningful ones that I do not think should be paraded in public. I have found that those things are better in silence and a bit of awe. It seems to come with age, that wisdom stuff, like they say. I am a hard working, decent church fearing American grandmother who, like you is concerned about the state of schools, roads, hospitals, preemptive war, torture, and the purposeful dismantling of citizens rights in this country by dark forces, SATANIC FORCES IF YOU WILL…FORCES THAT seek to divide and degrade and confuse the American people, to trick them into colluding with those who seek to rob and to enslave them.
It seems to me like everything is basically a ponzi PYRAMID scheme run by people who have no morals ethics or shame. Criminals and Con men in the government seem to all be helping themselves to public money and lining their pockets and the pockets of their friends with what rightly does not belong to them. These same sociopaths then hire scientists who know how to subvert scientific fact(not unlike the nazi scientists did). That is done in order that regulations can be overturned that protect the public’s good, regulations that prevent poisoning the public’s drinking water and its environment! They attach those kind of stipulations in the bills they pass that call for the ban on gay marriage. They oppose gay marriage, because they also own the insurance companies that don’t have to pay health care for kids who’s parents are not legally married. In los angeles alone are 40 ooo uninsured children of gay unions. Every time you hear that there is a vote to ban gay marriage, know that means that more poisons are going to be dumped in the state that is voting. There is never just one law or bill passed, it comes with what they call “pork.” Because they are pigs!
These assholes study what you eat, what you buy, what websites you go to and what causes you support in order to hook you in and suck your lifeblood money and energy. KNOW YOUR ENEMY. HE KNOWS YOU. Then working as hard as they can behind closed doors in secret, these same evildoers seek to deny medical coverage for the various cancers acquired by citizens growing sick from living in a poisoned environment.
And then, in the most psychopathically arrogant coup de gras ever heard of, the people themselves are made to foot the bill for the whole royal fucking they were forced to bear.
The truth has not been told because simply put, the truth is not business friendly. The truth costs too much. The truth doesn’t make a profit, and so it has been shelved and replaced with bullshit. Bullshit is toppling under its own weight now. The center cannot hold. FALL PEDOPHILE PRIESTS AND PIRATES AND EVIL DOERS AND SLAVEMASTERS!! FALL NEW WORLD ORDER OF SATAN!! In the words of my friend, the author Mary Daly,
“There is no Liberty Without Truth”.