June 5, me talking about contol of women, and MK-Ultra

You can hear me, along Cathy O’brien, Mark Phillips, and Dr. Colin Ross, on the issue of mind control, D.I.D. and a discussion of torture at an event called “CIA Mind Control: Out Of Darkness, Into the Light” which will be held on
Friday June 5th, 2009 in Hollywood. The event begins at 7PM at Hollywood United Methodist Church located at 6817 Franklin Avenue (at Highland Ave.).
For more info call 805-653-1588 or visit GoodKarmaPR.com. A portion of the proceeds go to Children of the Night, a non profit that rescues children from the ravages of prostitution and domination of pimps.
prozac, zoloft welbutrin, valium xanax are ALL mind control drugs.