what i have said here over the last few

years and is now recognized as fact: all religions are pedophile cults masquerading as political action committees, and paying NO TAXES while they molest children and use them as slave labor: READ ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH’S HORRIFIC SEXUAL ABUSE AND SLAVERY OF ORPHANS IN IRELAND! Leave the catholic church now if you have any hope for your soul! You will be burning in hell along with all of the sin you support and allow, willingly or unwittingly. you are responsible for what your leaders do…GET IT NOW? satan grows stronger every second when he is not STOPPED! help stop evil, help defeat satan. satan is trying to get to your soul by making you feel weak and helpless, but the truth is, as jesus christ told us: THE ONE THAT IS IN you IS STRONGER THAN THE ONE WHO IS IN THE WORLD. we have within our power now, the ability to stop satan and to destroy him fully now and for all time and space. This
is the truth and all it will take is meditating with me this shabbat 2 am. you know who you are.