for meditators/lightworkers:

This is from my friend and sister warrior woman cathy:
Hello God Squad;
I am going to ask you to start directing your Divine energy to calming the little microorganisms that are creating a pandemic all over the planet.
Lets cancel this out shall we?
Let there be light. In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire invested in me I command:
I call to Lord Genesha the removal of obstacles to remove all blocks so our creations may manifest.
I call too Michael the Archangel to go forth and take your sword of blue flame and cut the ties with whomever is trying to create this pandemic all over the planet and all the germs, bacteria, micro organisms they are misusing, wherever it has been grown or has spread to, including all research centers , laboratories, all humans, animals, birds.. and all life forms anywhere on this planet, let it be done.
As we cut the micro organisms free from their masters and anything attached, we call the violet flame thru them to clean them up. See the violet flame blazing thru all cells, atoms and molecules going down to the micro organisms DNA of its RNA.
See the violet flame cleanse and purify these little out of balanced organisms where ever they are. And also too, all cognitive errors programmed into them by negative human handling and consciousness.
Lets now fill them up with the Angelite energy so the may heal.
Lets now see these microorganisms reconnecting to the Divine and fill up with lots of Gods Pink Flame of Radiating Love..
As they reconnect with God we COMMAND these pandemic micro organisms to become totally neutral. ONLY EMITTING LOVE.
See this happening in all life forms and lab cultures it is being contained in. As it becomes neutral in all life forms see it being gently eliminated thru the body’s natural defense system.
I ask that this healing be done for all other harmful bacteria, germs, microorganisms that are being created in any research center or lab facilities (military or private)to hurt or harm any life form. As we cut them from their master, we call the violet flame thru them to clean up their little energies. then fill them up with the angelite energy to heal them. Now see them reconnect to God…filling up with so much love. We again command them to neutralize themselves .NOW! Turning themselves into a nontoxic material like ordinary water. See all the lab technicians being very confused and puzzled over this as all their experiments that are not being used for the benefit of humanity become totally neutralized and harmless.
For those who are trying to create this unwanted challenge …I call the goddess of truth into your lives and ask she bring everything up to the surface . No more secrets. See humanity seeing clearly what is being done and given the Divine inspiration on how to correct it. We ask you to step forward into the light of God and stop putting out this dark energy.
If you choose to continue…which is your free will…I ask your Higher self and Guardian angel to put you all in positions of harmlessness. NOW. You are Letting a light worker come forward to replace you.
Imagine everyone’s fears calming down as this dis-ease is completely neutralized on our planet . Filling up with peace and Divine consciousness.
So be it.
“It is finished, nevertheless let thy will, not mine, be done.”
Please pass this on and if you have any question you can reach me at:
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