perez hilton

was tipping point on the miss america show. he was incredibly brave to ask that question about gay marriage to one of the “beautiful” looking people who is an ugly bigot on the inside. great television that.
mormons own insurance companies and do not want to pay to insure the 40,000 children of gay unions in california, and that is the precise reason they oppose gay marriage. That is a red herring they use to set up a program whereby they first redefine marriage (previously called “the legal union of two people”, the original language of the law). the redefinition is this: the marriage between a man and a woman…(they change the constitutional laws). The next step is to lower the age of consent. check out canada and mexico and what their more renegade forces have in fact done. check out the distribution channels of the main mormon church and see how much of its money is detoured into the polygamist kitty. check it out man, its amazing!