happy international women's day!

let’s all sue google for not having any regulations about the ads they sell space for!
Evil are the abortion hating witchburners who excommunicated the pregnant nine year old brazilian girl, her mother and the doctors who performed the abortion on her.
Who is in the equation that was not ex-communicated? The father who raped and impregnated her, of course! He’s not ex-communicated!
The Pope does his song and dance about the right to life of the fetus(es) inside the nine year old raped and incested child.
The aborted fetus(es) should have been harvested for stem cell research, which the Pope also is against.
The Pope makes the life of the aborted fetus(es) ultimately meaningless, instead of a means of bestowing/sharing the elemental lifeforce that aids in the easing of human suffering. The Pope is against Life itself in every way in this case.
The Pope would medievally prefer to endanger the life of a nine year old by forcing a pregnancy of twins on her 70 pound body, which would obviously kill all three of them and solve the big problem he has…What to do with all the raped and defiled girl children who are unable to act as proper brood mares to increase his numbers of followers.
To the mother of the girl, i want to say: GOD BLESS YOU FOR STEPPING OUT OF SLAVERY OF THE MIND!!! To the doctors who performed the life saving abortion: You are healers! To Obama, thank you for overturning the laws against stem cell research! to the souls of the aborted: You brought the tipping point of sanity to this realm of discussion! Your deaths were not in vain, thank you!
The Pope has no cyber advisors of modern morality, outside of ME: Repent, you pedophile witch burners!
the pope is completely morally and mortally irrelevant!
He is fallibility itself dressed up in an old drag queen’s jeweled ball gown